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Welcome to our International Products catalog.

Metropolitan Air Technology (MAT) was founded in 1992 to bring to market a newly patented concept in the field of manually controlled, remotely operated air volume balancing dampers. Remotely operated balancing dampers are required in installations where the balancing damper is inaccessible for direct manual adjustment due to drywall ceilings, high ceilings, or interference from other mechanical systems.

In response to market demand for a full commercial damper line, we expanded our offering with the introduction of a line of volume control dampers and a UL classified line of fire/smoke dampers.

We’re committed to the continuous evolution of our products, stellar customer service, and a top-notch quality management system. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, we monitor changes and trends within the green building industry to help identify our customer’s future needs and enhance our product development efforts.

Our products are manufactured in the USA and sold in North America and international markets.

MAT products are protected by US and International patents.